• Learn to Compost on Earth Day!


    Join CSWD’s John Powell for a kid-friendly composting workshop at Healthy Living’s Earth Day Celebration, Earthtravaganza!

    John will show you how to layer those leaves and food scraps to create the perfect environment for happy microbes and worms. He’ll also talk about why composting is the best way to manage the leftovers from your kitchen. …Continued

  • Celebrate Earth Day with a tour of the recycling and composting facilities!


    Celebrate Earth Day by touring CSWD’s Materials Recovery Facility (MRF) and Green Mountain Compost’s (GMC) composting facility!

    See first-hand how your blue bin recyclables are processed and sent to market at the MRF. Come to the tour at GMC and see how your food scraps become rich, beautiful compost!…Continued

  • Spring C&D Tips for Green Builders, Landscapers and DIYers

    clean wood

    Maybe you’ve found a pile of bricks in your yard after the four foot high snow bank covering it melted. Perhaps you’re looking at your home and thinking “this year I’m going to replace that porch.”

    Whatever it is you’re doing with building materials this spring, do it right…Continued

CSWD Spotlight


4 Reasons to buy Local Color Paint this spring:

Get great coverage, indoors and out, for a great price.

Local Color meets Green Seal® standards for low VOCs.

Help keep latex paint out of the landfill and close the loop on paint you recycled last season.

Four new shades debut this season: Blue Moon, Grazing Green, Sunflower Yellow and Udderly Pink. Look for them soon at your nearest retailer.

» Learn more about Local Color Paint