Should You Sell Your Ethereum Mining Rig ASAP?


Each person is aware that the crypto currency market is unstable and volatile. The selling price of Ethereum reached a crucial low mark sometimes in the past. It went from 400 USD to approximately 200 USD. This trend will continue and although this does not suggest the closure of ETH, there is very little opportunity that it will return again in value in the upcoming months.

Why Is Ethereum Falling Down?

Many people are worried concerning the current Ethereum price trend. Ether’s value has dropped considerably these past some days. The full cryptocurrency act is in a bearish market at once, but it seems Ethereum is getting the most awful of it compared to other key altcoins. A thing people want to know is why this is trendy right now.

Ethereum Prospects

Most of the products in the ICO market will start from the end of 2017 and the beginning of 2018. At the time the products are produced, they will add value and support the currency.

The Ethereum team is doing the work to solve the difficulties of scalability. Significant applications can’t operate completely in a chain and most likely they will not do it in any way. They require to have scaling ways out of the chain when it is actually hard to prepare correct estimates when they combine improvements in scale, it is conceivable that we can see a 100x improvement by the end of 2018, which would allow a user application of 1 to 10 m.

Promoting Your Mining Rig: Advantages

When you decide to give your mining rig, then you can send it on eBay as soon as possible. Rigidity is developing in the gaming community because enough avid players can no longer access the GPUs they want thanks to increased mining. Therefore, with this great demand in GPU, you can be in a position to offer yours quickly and for an extremely good sale price.

Promoting Your Mining Rig: Disadvantages

The sliding of the ETH sale price directly afflicted the ROI of almost all solitary GPUs in our platforms. In fact, this is bad news. As miners, our revenues are wired to the encryption market, unfortunately, this type of price fluctuations is part of the probability of occupation. If you have been on the bulletin boards, you’ve probably noticed how people today go crazy with ETH. They do not really look for other options. When it is understandable why today’s people selected Ethereum, however, it is not wise to join GPU mining with a single currency in particular. In summary, even if ETH is not for a longer period a gold mine, however, it brought great options to decide.

I hope that this evaluation has helped you gain a better perspective of what is happening in the world of crypto currencies. I am not blaming people today who are given that their GPUs, nor am I indicating that they are wrong. Every people have their own expectations once it comes to mining.

Though a large share of the people who offer their mining GPUs are the kind of people who do not actually understand or trust crypto currencies. They had been influenced that they could make money quickly by extracting ETH. At the moment when the instances were transformed, they put their cards for sale without the need to even bother looking for coins of choice to extract. See sample:

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